What Is a Bail Bond?

For many people, bail bonds are something of a mystery. While just about everyone has heard about them through movies and television shows, they may not know enough about them to actually get one for themselves or a loved one. Don’t worry, we are here to help you through the entire process. Our team of licensed bail bondsmen can take the time to answer all your questions, explain everything to you, and get you the bail bond that you require.

When is a Bail Bond Needed

When someone is arrested and accused of a crime, the courts are required to set bail. This is an amount of money that can be paid in order to get out of jail until the person’s court day arrives. The bail isn’t a payment though, but rather a deposit. When the person shows up for court, they get the money back. For some people, it is possible to simply put this deposit down themselves. Unfortunately, however, the courts often set bail at an amount that the average person couldn’t afford. The amount is based on factors such as what crime was committed, the potential risk of not showing up for court, the history of the person arrested and more. In most cases, the person who is arrested or one of their loved ones will be the ones to secure a bail bond.

What do Bail Bondsmen Do

When people can’t afford to give the money to the court to post bond, they often turn to a bail bondsmen. Bail bondsmen will pay the bail to the courthouse so that the person can get out of jail. Bail bondsmen make their money by charging a percentage of the total bail amount as payment. For Los Angeles Bail Bonds, we charge the lowest percentage in the industry at 7%. In addition, we don’t require any type of down payment or collateral in order to get the bond. We’ll just set up a payment plan that you can live with, and get you or your loved one out of jail as quickly as possible. We have relationships set up with the courthouses so they can accept payment from us instantly, which will allow the person in jail to get out much sooner than would otherwise be possible.

How Fast Can I Get Bail Posted

Once you’ve filled out all the necessary documents, we will immediately work on making the payment to the courts. We are open 24/7 and can typically have this done extremely fast. Most of our clients are able to complete the entire process and have their loved one out of jail within just a couple hours of contacting us. This can help make sure they don’t have to miss work or other obligations, which would only serve to make the situation worse.

Contact a LA Bail Bondsmen Today

Whether you have a loved one in jail or you just have some questions about the bail bond process, we are here for you. Please contact us by calling 213-277-5111 today. Our office is a subsidiary of Drake Bail Bonds and is here to help you with anything you need.