Bail Bonds Attorney Resource Page

While there are many jokes about attorneys (some of which are actually funny), the reality is that every attorney we’ve ever met actually cares about their clients, and wants what is best for them. One thing that attorneys often need to do is help their client to get their bail posted so that they can get out of jail. In most cases, this will require the use of a bail bondsmen service. If your client doesn’t already have someone they work with (or even if they do), we can help. We offer clients who retain private counsel a 30% discount on the total bail costs. This is on top of our already low rates of just 7%. Saving these people money leaves them with more cash to put toward their retainer when working with an attorney, so it makes sense for attorneys to refer people to us. It really is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Interest Free & No Collateral

On top of the rate discount and low prices, we also offer interest free bails. This can help save clients even more money when getting a bond so they can be released from jail. We have flexible payment plans available too, which is essential in many cases, especially if the client is having trouble with working due to their legal issues.

Convenient Warrant Service

If your client has an outstanding warrant and is ready to surrender to the police, make sure to contact us first! We can work with you and your client so that the bail is posted at the moment of surrender. This means your client won’t have to be booked into custody, only to get released again. As you are undoubtedly aware, the booking and release process can take some time, so avoiding the booking in the first place is one of the best ways to avoid unnecessary hassle for everyone involved.

Helpful Support Options in Court

If a client needs to go to court for a PC 1275 hearing, or some type of reinstatement hearing, we can assist with that as well. Our bail bondsmen are experienced in this area, and available 24/7 to offer any type of assistance that is needed. These can be difficult situations, and using our expertise is a great way to ensure you are getting the right advise at all times.

Contact Us

We can work directly with attorneys who are looking to help their clients get out of jail, or avoid having to go to jail at all. We can also work with the person in jail, or their family member. Our team works hard to be as flexible as possible for everyone we work with. If you are in need of a bail bond for yourself, a client, a loved one, or anyone else, please reach out to us right away. We can be reached by dialing 213-277-5111, or you can complete the process online using our e-signature process. We are open 24/7 for your convenience. Los Angeles Bail Bonds is operated by Drake Bail Bonds.